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[exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Empty [exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck

Post by fatin pauzi on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:36 pm

hey, cuti tu, cuti gak... jgn lupe bce bku CHEM. [exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Icon_study ;D
jom try jwb soklan neyhh. ;DD[exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Icon_rr



[exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Icon_scratch Based on figure 2, answer the following questions :
a) i- write the electron arrangement of ATOMS X and Z [2m]
ii- write the number of neutrons in element Y & the symbol of an isotope of element Y[4m]
b) an ionic compound is formed when X reacts with Z but a covalent bond is formed between Y and Z. explain how these ionic and covalent compound are formed. [14m]
selamat menjawab ~ [exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Lol

ANSWER SCHEME [exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Icon_cheers
[exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Affraid pls b reminded to attempt the question by urself first b4 u take a look at the answer scheme. TQ
a) i- X : 2.8.2 Z: 2.6
ii- number of neutrons = 12 - 6 = 6

  • to achieve the stable octet electron arrangement of a duplet or an octet electron arrangement [1]
  • Atom X will release 2 electrons to form X 2+ ion to achieve stable electron arrangement [1] Z + 2e- -> Z2-
  • the two electrons will be accepted by Z atom to form an Z2- ion [1] X -> X2+ + 2e-
  • the positive & negative ions are attracted togeteher by strong electrostatic force, which is called as ionic bond [1]

  • Atom Y has 4 valance electrons; Atom Z has 6 valence electrons [1]

  • Atom Z needs 2 electrons meanwhile atom Y needs 4 electrons to achieve stable electron arrangement [1]
  • Atom Z contributes 2 electrons for sharing while atom Y contributes 4 electrons for sharing
  • two Z atoms each will share their 4 valence electrons with 4 valence electrons in one atom Y 2 pairs of electron with one atom Y [1]
  • a double covalent bond formed between Y and Z [1]
  • A molecule with the formula YZ2 is formed

  • the ionic compound is formed between X and Z is melted. two carbon electrodes are placed in solution XZ [2]
  • when the switch is on, a reading on the ammeter is observed to show that it conducts electricity [1]
  • when ionic compounds are molten or dissolve in water, the ions of the compounds can move about. the moving ions carry the electrical current. in the solid state, the ions cannot move, so the current cannot flow [2]

hope u guys are satisfied wif this answer scheme. ;DD
chem A+. [exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Star3

[exercise] ESSAY SECTION B ;D goodluck Star3 lots.of.love,
chem department

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Post by coco23 on Wed May 21, 2014 11:25 am

It's commended that you need to always work with electronic digital multimeters depending on that specs which might be reported in the instruction manuals. Only then you definately can expect it to perform properly. If not they, it may well also become dysfunctional or maybe obtain completely Taxi 12s ruined. Also, that safety presented because of the yards gets reduced in addition to bring about unwarranted how to proceed. Moreover, work with extreme guardedness when you are employing electronic digital multimeters around uncovered conductors or maybe bus bars. Use only the correct terminals, perform, in addition to range on your size to receive higher correctness. Always utilize the autoranging method in order to determine whose range is not known.

Never utilize a electronic digital multimeter around any noises making products, or maybe you obtain incorrect final results that may be unsound by using every reading. Of course, never run that meter around mind blowing petrol, watery vapor, or maybe particles. Also, never work with electronic digital multimeters which have any ruined part. Verify this specific before you decide to work with them; usually do not work with one who offers difficulties like a destroyed head cover for example. usually Aqua 11s do not work with multimeters should you have questions with regards to its operating condition. You can authenticate it's efficiency capacity through checking out Carmine 6s several known voltage with regard to veracity.

It really is advised that you need to not emulate the utmost restrictions in the enter ideals because demonstrated in the specialised specification kitchen tables in the consumer regular with regard to higher safety. Diabetic men young compared to 40 in addition to diabetic women of all ages young compared to 60 who definitely have absolutely no Infrared 23 11s additional possibility factors must most likely not work with low-dose aspirin to be a heart episode preventative, reported by fresh advice from medical professionals. Any -panel supported because of the United states Diabetes Bred 11s Organization, that United states Heart Organization and also the United states School connected with Cardiology Foundation publicized that modified referrals in the journal Diabetes Care.


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Post by coco23 on Thu May 22, 2014 11:14 am

Chateau n du boulevard Carmine 6s Bondi (1812). This particular fountain, combined with fountains regarding Ponceau and also individuals within the Put p Vosges, have been the best fountains throughout Rome where the normal water alone was the chief decorative component, and the sculpture and also architectural mastery have been legitimate. We were looking at most of made by means of professional Pierre Simon Girard. The particular Chateau n was the best amazing fountain throughout Rome for you to aspect a couple round vasques, or stone basins, a single earlier mentioned the opposite on a column, together with normal water stocked full the particular basins and also slipping suitable greater round container underneath.

This particular style and Taxi 12s design regarding fountain acquired endured on a smaller weighing machine throughout Roman sabatini gardens and also throughout Italian capital through the Renaissance, and also throughout Aix-en-Provence, but not throughout Rome, rather Infrared 23 11s than with a real large weighing Aqua 11s machine. As well as the core fountain, cast-iron lions spouted normal water into your lessen container. The particular novelty and also weighing machine of the fountain made it a massive multiplayer area vacation spot regarding Parisians. The particular fountain was transferred throughout 1867, and also today can be found while you're watching former Halle from your bull dozed Rome current market regarding Les Halles in la Villette. Put des Vosges. (1811). A new fountain made by means of Girard was integrated the center Bred 11s of the area des Vosges. It turned out one of many primary throughout Rome, combined with chateau n devoid of normal water taps for you to load pitchers or jugs.

This acquired an octagonal container, together with normal water spouting up-wards and also splashing into your container. The particular originals by means of Girard have been eradicated throughout 1824 and also replaced throughout in relation to 1830 together with brand-new fountains by means of Jean-Franois Mnager. Fontaine p l The particular grandest coming from all Napoleonic fountains was initiated throughout 1811, within the empty area where the Bastille acquired was. Operate begun for the structure of your fountain in the form of a massive bronze hippo, together with an remark platform with the back reached by the staircase into the hippo.


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