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Post by jannah on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:21 pm

The reaction of organic compound cause changes in hte functional group of the reactants as shown in the following equations
1) alcohol + organic acid -> ester
2) alcohol -> alkene

State the type of reaction that occures in both of the experiments. Give examples of the chemicals for each type of the reaction and with the reference to the chemical named, described one experiment that can be conducted in the laboratory to show each type. State the observations and products obtained.


-type of reaction in experiment;
2)dehydration of ethanol

-examples of chemical in experiment;
1)ethanol + methanoic acid ->ethyl methanoate
2)ethanol -> ethene

- described experiment that has been chosen ; ESTERIFICATION
1)a 100cm3 beaker is filled with 10 cm3 of 1moldm3 methanoic acid
2)10 cm3 of ethanol is poured inside the solution
3)3 drops of concetrated sulphuric acid are dropped inside the solution.
4)observe and record the observation in a table

1) a fruity smell is released // a colourless less dense liquid is formed on top of the solution

-product formed
1) ethyl methanoate (ester)

question for teacher.. does alcohol has a molarity?

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