answer scheme on sample of essay question trial spm kedah 2010(sorry cannot insert the diagram)

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answer scheme on sample of essay question trial spm kedah 2010(sorry cannot insert the diagram)

Post by fatin izzati>kurtdorisia on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:52 am

(a) 1.Redox reaction is a chemical reaction where oxidation and reduction takes place simultaneously.
2.Half equation at negative terminal: Mg --> Mg2+ + 2e
3.So, oxidation occur at negative terminal.
4.Half equation at positive terminal: Cu2+ + 2e --> Cu
5.Reduction occurs at the positive terminal
6.Thus, the reaction in this cell is a redox reaction.

Cell P Cell Q
Energy change Chemical energy to electrical energy Electrical energy to chemical energy
Observation Negative terminal:
zinc plate becomes smaller/ mass of copper decreases
Positive terminal:
A brown solid is deposited// mass of copper decreases
A brown solid is deposited// mass of copper decreases
Anode/ copper plate dissolves
Half equation Negative terminal:
Zn --> Zn2+ + 2e
Positive terminal:
Cu2+ + 2e --> Cu
Cu2+ + 2e --> Cu
Cu --> Cu2+ + 2e

*Iron spoon is connected to the negative terminal on the battery while the silver plate is connected
to the positive terminal of the battery// Iron spoon is made as cathode while silver plate is made as
*Both plates are immersed into silver nitrate solution
*The circuit is completed

Functional apparatus set-up
Label correctly:
silver plate
silver nitrate solution
iron spoon

Observation: Grey/ silvery solid is deposited

Cathode: Ag+ + e --> Ag

Anode: Ag --> Ag+ + e
fatin izzati>kurtdorisia
fatin izzati>kurtdorisia

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Post by coco23 on Sun May 04, 2014 9:53 am

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